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//Paragliding Bir Billing

Paragliding Bir Billing

Paragliding Bir Billing represents Himachal and INDIA in all over the world. Bir Billing is known as best Paragliding site in the world. Bir Billing Take Off site (2430 mtr) is best take off site in all over the INDIA. Bir Billing Paragliding Landing site (1400 mtr) is ideal Landing site in all over the INDIA. Bir Billing valley is situated in Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas is ideal valley for long and cross country flying , Paragliding expeditions like Bir to Dharamshala, Bir to Manali , Bir to Uttrakhand, Bir to Nepal. Best pilot’s form INDIA and all over the world fly over Himalaya for make new records. Bir Billing Paragliding has nice wind conditions, Tharmals, soaring , and great terrene for Paragliding. Billing Paragliding Association organized Paragliding Cross country and Accuracy events in Bir Billing ,World Cup in 2015, Paragliding pre world cup in 2013, and many international Paragliding championships in Bir Billing. There are many Paragliding agencies in Bir Billing for commercial Paragliding joy rides. Visitor’s can book their Paragliding Booking from many online travel Portal or websites. Nowadays visitor’s can directly reach Bir Billing instead of Dharamshala. Mostly visitor’s comes from Dharamshala for Paragliding they can book their ride form travel agencies in Dharamshala. Bir Billing take off site is 17 km. from its landing site. It will take 30 to 45 min to reach take off site. Pilot’s provide transportation to their clients from their destination and after Paragliding drop them also. People can also take their package for 1 nigh 2 days for Trekking, Camping and Paragliding. 1st day day hike to Billing take off, Camping at night on Billing take off and 2nd day Paragliding. There are three types of Paragliding joy ride. Basic joy ride, Medium joy ride , Long joy ride and Extreme joy ride. Basic joy ride is 15 to 20 min, medium joy ride is 25 to 30 min, Long joy ride is 45 to 60 min and Extreme Joy ride is 10 to 15 min having stunts and man oeuvres. During paragliding session Pilot’s brief their clients regarding flying equipment , gears and process of Take Off and Landing. Flying gear is for Paragliding is  Canopy, Harness, Helmet and reserve Parachute. Clients has to follow the instruction of the Pilot’s is very important for the safety of both Pilot’s and passengers. After Take Off in Paragliding session Pilot’s manage all the flying activity and passengers enjoys their flight.

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